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We respect nature and believe that nature is the best designer. We follow the most true insistence, pursue the living quality of the living space, rather than pursue the design itself; We are not designing a beautiful house, but a new way of life. We insist on changing our life with the design.

Our Team

MR.Z International Design Office

MR.Z International Design Office is a design team headed by Sam,Dedicated to the study of residential space structure, optimization of existing structural weaknesses, to explore a more excellent way of life, for each [home] customized its container, carrying the story, the one and only way of life and emotion.

IDEA&TOP International Design Office of Hong Kong

IDEA&TOP International Design Office of Hong Kong it's a designer hatching base for ZOOKE decoration,The main designers are Creative director Le Yizhong,Senior designer Fiona,Senior designer Zhou YUdong,Senior designer Ding Lei etc.

XT-Design Studio

XT-Design Studio was established in March 31, 2014,It’s a personal design studio of Joy.In March 31, 2017, formally joined ZOOKE decoration.12 years of design makes the studio grow into a space full of love,We focus on the uniqueness of each project, focusing on the relationship between space, proportion, light, color and environment, and to find its own temperature for each [home].

ZHEN · Space Design Studio

ZHEN · Space Design Studio is a design team headed by Hugh Wen.The main provision of hotel, office, exhibition hall, housing and clubs and other space design and consulting services.

Our Projects

Simple American style | Xi Shui Mr.Z Office's project of Simple American style in Xi Shui Dong...
Modern | East Fantasy County Mr.Z Office's project in East Fantasy County...
Simple American style | Magnoli Mr.Z Office's new project of Simple American style in Magnolia Garden...
Modern | Ghianti Fragrance Mr.Z Office's private villa project in Yixing...
Simple American style | Cambrid Leisure is a kind of attitude to life...
Modern | Private villa in Yixin Mr.Z Office's Modern project in Ghianti Fragrance...
Modern | Taihu aristocratic fam Mr.Z Office's new project in Taihu aristocratic family...
Neo-Chinese style | Taihu magni Mr.Z Office's new project of Neo-Chinese style in Taihu magnificent garden...

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